Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The books, guides, and materials used for my OCA/OCP/OCE Exam Preparation.

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As I’m an Oracle Certified Professional on multiple tracks i.e. Oracle Database 10g/9i/8i, Oracle Database 10g RAC Expert Certified, and Oracle 11i E-Business Suite (Application) DBA. So, I have been asked many times in the OTN Forums and by the emails from my blog viewers that "How do you prepare for the certification exams?" And "what advice/tips/suggestions do you have for the certification candidates?"

Even if I have answered to those questions many times, this time, I wanted to have my advice/tips/suggestions posted in my blog for the certification candidates.

01) In addition to any available book in the market for OCA/OCP preparation, I would strongly advice and suggest using Oracle Student Guides/Oracle ILT Materials for your OCA/OCP preparation.

02) Most of the theoretical and logical questions in the real exam are asked from these guides/materials concepts or chapters.

03) These student guides are more simplified and very easy to understand, and have very précised and handy information.

04) The information or concepts of Oracle Student Guides/Oracle ILT Materials have been abstracted, prepared, and developed using the bunch of Oracle Documentations.

05) For writing Oracle Certification Exams, it's very hard to prepare the whole repository of Oracle Documentations. That's why; Oracle University prepared the précised and concise Student Guides/ITL Materials.

06) After finishing thoroughly reading these guides, as many times as you can, till you get the concepts from this materials, the next step is preparing the practice exams, before you take up the real exam.

07) In my opinion and my experience in writing OCP Exams, the practice exams of Self Test Software and Transcender are highly recommended for preparing the OCA/OCP/OCE Exams.

08) This will give you the similar look and feel, and the pattern of the real exam, and helps you manage in real exam.

09) All most of all the practice questions from these test engines (Self Test Software and Transcender) are developed and derived from Oracle Student Guides/Oracle ILT Materials Concepts.

10) Never mug up the practice exam questions and answers, instead try understanding the question and the answer, if needed for any syntax or command sort of questions, do the paper work i.e write the question, syntax or command, and answers in the paper to remember and understand.

11) Concisely what I would suggest is, read the Oracle Student Guides/ILT Materials meticulously as much as you can and do more practice the questions of the test engines (Self Test Software and Transcender) for your Oracle Certification Exam Preparation.

What are the Student Guides/ILT (Instructor Led Training) Materials?
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